Yakari Napaltjarri. Untitled, painting

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Yakari NAPALTJARRI (Aborigine artist, Australia, born circa 1950)

Sans Titre (Untitled), 2008

Acrylic on canvas
Indicated references on canvas’s verso : Papunya Tula Artists PTY.Ltd / YN 0811026

Height : 91 cm (35-3/4 in.) - Width : 61 cm (24 in.)
Stretcher with wedges

- private collection, Australia
- Papunya Tula Artists PTY. LTD., North Territory, Australia

Work accompanied with its certificate of origin issued by the Papunya Tula Artists PTY. LTD, the first and most prestigious art center established during the 1970s and marked the beginning of the contemporary Aboriginal painting movement.

Originally from Central Desert, Yukultji Napangati belongs to the young generation of artists from Papunya, the community where the contemporary Aboriginal painting was launched in the 1970s. It began when the Anglo-Saxon teacher Geoffrey Bardon asked Aborigines initiated into the Dreamtime secrets that when they celebrated they should paint on the floor to reproduce the motifs on plywood, cardboard and canvas. Initially the activity was restricted to men but soon women artists imitating of what was already being done in the Utopia crafts community joined. Also women from the Batik cooperative took the initiative to transfer the painted traditional drawings on canvas onto printed fabric. Yukultji Napangati is thus quite representative of the role that women now occupy in the Aboriginal desert art. An ethnic Pintupi, she first lived with her family around Lake Mackay. Then in 1999, she joined the group of women from Kiwirrkura and participated in their artistic and ritual activities. These are two aspects of Aboriginal culture like all Aboriginal painters that Yukultji Napangati did not dissociate. For painting it is in fact a true rite celebrated in honor of the Great Ancestors who created Dreamtime in Australia. It involves the continuous creation of time to finally ensure the survival of Aboriginal culture reflecting its liveliness. Canvases by Yukultji Napangati are true works of art that are mystical celebrations of her native land as it was created in the Dreamtime. The important phase with the Great woman Ancestors to sow seeds "pura" or "bush tomatoes" is illustrated as it exists today and the work stages that from the sky (called "satellite view") with its sand dunes represented by wavy and shaped lines in a very simple palette. And finally since the Aborigines choose their burials which maybe the sand dunes. Sacred sites such as Ngaminya which entitles this work are revered for its fertile soil in certain seasons and through ritual ceremonies taking place

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