Wood and gilt stucco mirror, Empire Period


Large mirror with a wood panelling and gilt stucco on a beige background. Doucine cornice with a palmette decoration. Spiralled columns with a rosette motif and a circular frieze of acanthus leaves, old glass.

Empire Period

Height : 185 cm (72.8in) - Width : 129 cm (50.7cm)
Maximum Depth : 10,5 cm (4.1 in)

Built in the style of an antique monument, the mirror resumes the major characteristics of the "neo-classic" style that were in vogue in the first decades of the XIXth Century. Vocabulary and motifs make reference to classical antiquity, the iconographic repertory hints at the military universe (laurel wreathes on upper part), and mythological universe (Apollon chariot motifs on the upper centre part).

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