TOURS SCHOOL. Oval plaster platter with Amphitrite decoration



Oval polychrome plaster platter with laced borders forming gadroons on the border. Relief decoration of Amphitrite leaning on a dolphin swimming atop waves, children all around her. Centaur blowing into a conch shell riding on dolphins. Crescent moons and stars in the sky.
In the manner of Palissy.

Needle-incised mark underneath “modelé en mai 1857 Landais (model May 1857 Landais)”, bearing a label with the mention Jacques Landais (1800-1883) (neveu de Charles Avisseau de Tours, mort en 1861, qu'il aide [nephew of Charles Avisseau de Tours, death in 1861, with whom he assisted]).

Length: 37 cm (14-1/2 in.).

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