Tajikistan School, 20th Century

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Former U.S.S.R. School. Tajikistan, 20th Century

Portrait d'une paysanne Tadjik coiffée d'un fichu (Portrait of Tajik Peasant Styled with Fichu)
Painting on paper laid down on framed panel
Cyrillic inscriptions on verso:

"Rakhimov A., 1933
H.Sabrieva (f), Head of team of young Komsomol, cotton producers"

Что такое б/т - не знаю, м.б. бумага/тушь? Тогда : Paper and ink-? Format 73,5 x 53
1979, Douchanbé
Dated and located 1979 ; Douchanbé (Tajikistan).

80/60 cm with frame (31-1/2 / 23-1/2 in.)

This painting is paired with another ref. N° 2013120487.
We cordially thank Nina Grigoreva, Faculty of Asian and African Studies, St. Petersburg State University for the translation.

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