Stele fragment from Buddha nativity. India, Pala, 10th-11th Century


Shale fragment from large stele with front center representing the Shakyamuni Buddha surrounded by eight episodes (Jataka) of his life. This element relates to the first event being birth of Prince Siddhartha Gautama (future Buddha), born in Lumpini, Nepal. His mother Queen Hama Maya, called Māyādevī, first wife of King Suddhodana, standing figure, slightly bent body, left hand gripping a shala tree branch «shorea Robusta», right hand on hip.
The theme of eight episodes (Jataka) found in 5th Century Gupta Art, then in Pala from late 5th Century and very current in 6th Century.

Northeast India, Pala Dynasty, 5th-6th Century

Height: 43,5 (17 in.) - Width: 18,5 cm (7-1/4 in.) - Depth: 10 cm (4 in).

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