Statue of the god Chandra in sandstone. Khmer, 12th-13th Century

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Very high grey sandstone relief depicting the god Chandra (the moon), one of the Nine worshipped Planets (navagraha) according to Hindu cosmology. The birth of Chandra, a male god, goes back to the origins of time as he is born from the churning of Ocean of Milk by the Gods (Deva) and the "Anti-Gods" (Asura). He is seated on a pedestal in the hero position (virasana). Arms are open, hands placed on knees. The hair is in jata and is ornated by a jewelled diadem with the ears embellished by cone-shaped pendants.

Khmer (Cambodia), late 12th - early 13th century

Condition report : Minor restoration on nose

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  • Height in cm : 43 cm
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