Silvestre de Sacy. Six signed autograph letters to Edmond Blanc

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Silvestre de SACY (1801-1879), writer, academian

Six signed autograph French letters to Edmond Blanc, attorney with the Court. 1825-1827. 15 pp in 12-duodecimo and in-8 octavo, few with addresses on back with postal marks.

Fine correspondence with an informal tone with the younger Sacy, before becoming the Conservator of Mazarine and future academian; What do you think of me , Dad? Do you dare to tell me. Well ! I am more open with myself, I'll tell you frankly; I am a fool, I will no longer visit you (...) . I neglected to include solicitors, making visits and elsewhere, to attend hearings, to show my poor face. I was offered a job at the Gazette for the courts or judicial Spectator (...) . Until something better , I'll write articles incognitos (...) . My dear Blanc, it's true, I'm a pig, but I'm not a libertine line Marcilly or a hypocrite like Dejussieu or a Jesuit like St- Marc or a thief like you, in a summary, here is the ( ... ) . He showed different activities, before seeing Mr. Chabot, "his president." About the deal with "that poor devil Veret " and Dary case; he asked him to send him copies of the Globe , ( ...) I am withering among my paperwork and I need to recharge a little. My friend, we moderns we will never be miserable bourgeois, solicitors, doctors, judges, and not even philosophers, poets, citizens. Would the devil want philosophy and poetry to nestle amidst what we call business ? Note that the Ancients ( ...) were busy only strengthening their bodies and cultivating their intellectual faculties. We crawl when they rise (...) . Sacy is part of the harassment against the firm’s clerks and delivers a pleasant way his thoughts on virtue, money, marriage , etc. .

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