Plasait silversmith. Important silver flatware service set
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 Igor Montoussé Appraised by Igor Montoussé Furniture and Decorative Arts (17th, 18th and 19th centuries)

PLASAIT silversmith

Important silver and silver-gilt flatware set, within its wood canteen fitted with four drawers comprising:

First tier:

- Twelve large flatware sets

- Twelve entremet dessert flatware sets

Second tier:

- Twelve silver-gilt cake flatware sets

- Twelve large knives

- Twelve small knives

Third tier:

- One sauce spoon

- Cake service set

- Twelve fish flatware sets

- Twelve mocha spoons

Fourth tier:

- One ladle

- One silver-gilt pie server

- One silver-gilt sugar tong

- Twelve large flatware sets

- Carving set

Second Half-20th Century

Total weight of weighable pieces - not including knives: 6868 gr. (15 lbs.).

Few abrasions

  • Reference: 2013041048
  • All incl. £4,576 / £6,406