Silver lactometer in wood case, 19th Century


Silver lactometer in a natural wood case. Scale shaft on one side and bearing the inscription :" Galactométre, Maison de l'Ing. Chevallier Place du Pont-Neuf, 15, Paris". (Lactometer, Ing Company. Chevallier Square, Pont-neuf, 15, Paris.), on the other.

19th Century

Height : 17,5 cm (6.8 in) – Height of case: 20 cm (7.8 in)
Weight : 15,6 g (environ) (0.5 oz approximately)

Chevallier, the company set up by the engineer, establishes itself during the mid nineteenth century on the Pont Neuf. Optician for the King Louis-Philippe, it mainly manufactures; optical, scientific, physic, and marine instruments. The company contributed to many inventions and also in the development of many instruments including; microscopes, telescopes and the calographe.

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