SEVRES. Chinese antique porcelain vase. Pate application on pate changeante. 3rd Republic

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Porcelain vase known as "Vase antique chinois" (Chinese antique vase) with decoration of pate-sur-pate on a pate changeante ground. Ornated with gilt enamelled floral branches and interlacings. On the reverse side :Mark in green S 76. Mark in red decorated with Sevres 76. Mark in the hollow AD - 76 - 2 B.F.X and mark of gilder T.E.

3rd Republic

Height : 34.5 cm (13.5 in.)

The pate cameleon or pate changeante was invented by the chemist Salvetat for the Universal Exhibition of 1863. It consisted of the creation of a paste which changed colour with a change in light. Thanks to vanadium oxide and Cerium oxide, the colour of the ground is grey under a natural light and mauve under artificial light. This technique of ground colouring was favoured for decorations with pate d'application also known as pate-sur pate.

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  • Height in cm : 34 cm
  • Width in cm : 14 cm
  • Depth in cm : 14 cm
  • Expertissim Reference: 2016010400