Sandstone Surya. India, 11th-12th Century


This three-headed sandstone statue represents the solar god, Surya, flanked by his two wives Ushas (Aurora) and Pratyusha (twilight). During the Vedic Period (2nd millennium-7th millennium B.C.) several divinities had solar characteristics. They were for the most part syncretized into one god during a later period. The solar worship was imported into India by Mazdaist priests from Persia. The three heads are topped with a high heavily-modeled tiara. Surya’s central head is ornated with mustache, beard and stretched-lobed ears with heavy pendant earrings.

India (Rajasthan or Madhya Pradesh), 11th-12th Century

Height: 27,5 cm (10-3/4 in.) - Height with plinth: 37,5 cm (14-3/4 in.).

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