Sandstone high-relief panel. India, 10th-11th Century


Pink sandstone high-relief panel representing the divine couple Uma-Maheshwar seated on the bull, Nandi, representation of the god Shiva and shatki Uma. They are seated in the pleasant position (sukhasana). The god with four arms, back left arm touches and holds Uma (Parvati) who is seated on his left thigh.

Shiva’s visible attributes are the trident and cobra. The god’s right leg rests upon the reclining bull, Nandi, his cosmic mount, flanked by two unidentified small characters. The goddess, the left leg atop plinth, carries the mirror (darpana).

Northwest India, Rajputana, 10th-11th Century.

Height: 38,5 cm (15 in.) - Width: 25,7 cm (10 in.) - Depth: 10,5 cm (4 in.).

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