Pontifical noble letters. Parchment of 1965


[Pontifical noble letters. Parchment of 1965]

Letters by Daniel Marc Delfino, by the grace of God and apostolic Seat, arch-bishop of Damas and nonce apostolic with Very Christian King, and his dialect Charles de Pays, doctorate in one and other in law of the city of Valréas, for which he grants, in the name of the Pope, the title of count palatin. Avignon, at apostolic palace, February 21, 1695

One parchment sheet written in Latin with black ink of 23 lines; bearing signature; ornated with decorative lettering and floral motifs

Height: 21 cm (8-1/4 in.) - Width: 41 cm (16 in.).

Few stains; otherwise, good condition

Pontifical noble letters are quite rare.

Daniel Marcus Delphinus Dei et Apostolicæ Sedis gratia archiepiscopus Damascenus ad Regem Christianissimum Nuntius Apostolicus in civitate Aven~ et toto Comitatu Venayssino pro Sanctissimo domino nostro Papa et sancta Sede Apostolica in spiritualibus et temporalibus vicarius .....
Daniello Marco Delfino (1653-1704), was archbishop of Damas, legate with King of France and vicar of Pope of Avignon and all the county Venayssin. He was promoted to cardinal in 1699

Charles de Pays, received his doctorate in law at the university of Avignon, becoming the head of de Pays family in Alissac. Bearing argent chevron in gules, in chief two roses and crescent at base point as well as same on chief with azur charged with three or stars.

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