Pink sandstone high-relief panel. Northern India, 8th-9th Century


Pink sandstone high-relief panel representing a leogryph.
This trained leogryph, fantasy and composite animal, borrows different anatomical aspects from the lion and another animals. The protruding eyes and open muzzle, is graced with a flexible body, powerful horned head and paws with sharp claws. It designates India as the Vyala or vyālaka. It appears in the decoration of temples next to important deities or in symmetrical pairs on the walls and columns of religious buildings. Considered more powerful than the tiger, lion or elephant, it also adorns the thrones in Hindu and Buddhist art, symbolizing power, royal character and universality of divinity.

Northern India - Uttar Pradesh, 8th-9th Century

Height: 54 cm (21-1/4 in.) - Total height: 63,5 cm (25 in.).

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