Pewter pitcher with mid-section. Rouen, 18th Century


Pewter pitcher with mid-section, widened plinth and acorn thumb rest.
Guild mark: Crowned CC / ROUEN / 1736. Mark of Michel Adrien VIGUEREUX master status circa 1731: crowned fowl / A.V.X.

Rouen, between 1736 and 1739

Height : 19,9 cm (7.8 in)

Good solid cast in perfect condition.

The regulations concerning the control of marks in Rouen, was quite well respected. The marks were changed rather often during the 18th Century which permitted a precise dating of Rouen productions as is the case here.

These pitchers were used to measure wine under the Old Regime. The capacity of those were used in taverns, inns, etc. They were inspected periodically by the royal or ecclesiastical power to assure "good measure" for the consumer, but in fact, this regulation was poorly enforced and pitchers bearing marks or gauging are very rare.

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