Peggy Rockman Napaljarri. Little Green Bird - Budgerigar Dreaming, painting

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Peggy Rockman NAPALJARRI (Aborigine artist, Australia, born in 1935)

"Little green bird - Budgerigar Dreaming", 2000

Acrylic on canvas
Indicated references on the verso of canvas : Warnayaka Art Peggy Napaltjarri Rockman, 2nd mention : Warnakaya Art (Note : spelling error Warnyaka) Peggy Napaltjaria Rockman (spelling error : Napaltjarri), L/00-56 Coo-ee #7648

Height : 150 cm (59 in.) - Width : 75 cm (29-1/2 in.)
Stretcher with wedges

Overall, very good condition. Feint wear traces on borders, slightly more prominent on angles

-private collection, Australia
-Coo-22 Aboriginal Art Gallery

This work is accompanied by a copy of its certificate of origin issued by Coo-ee Aboriginal Art Gallery

This work was exhibited at the Musée d’Art Contemporain les Abattoirs de Toulouse during “Temps du Rêve / Dreamtime” in 2009.

Peggy Rockman Napaljarri is from the Lajamanu community in the Northern Territory in Australia. She was born around 1943 in Lima and now lives in Lajamanu in the Tanami Desert. She has four sisters, three of whom were also painters. Peggy began painting in 1986 and her works are now exhibited in several museums in Australia.
This painting tells a story about the of the Budgerigar (a green bird that lives in the artist’s region) from Dreamtime. The Dreamtime is the myth of creation of the world according to Aboriginal beliefs. In the Tanami Desert in the Northern Territory, a Dream said that when women go hunting, they saw many small birds flying from tree to tree and often stop to talk and feed them. They then spend hours sitting under the trees admiring the birds flying around. Every time the women walk through bushland and are thirsty, they will follow these birds because they know they will guide them quickly to a water or stream.
In this painting, the circles represent trees and straight lines show the bird’s flight trajectories from one tree to another. The U-shapes symbolize the women sitting in the bushland, oval and short lines represent their coolamon (collection basket ) and their digging sticks. As for the wavy lines, they evoke streams winding through the trees.

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