Part of Mamluk Quran. Egypt or Syria, 14th Century

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Part of Mamluk Quran.

Two folios on paper, text has beginning of surah XCVII "Al-Qadr" (Destiny) with five last verses of surah C "Al-'Adiyat" (The Coursers) and surah CI "Al-Qariah" (The Great Calamity). Black-ink muhaqqaq script with red heightening of three lines. White letters inset for surah title against a gilt background within blue and golden frame.

Egypt or Syria, 14th Century

Dimensions: height: 32 cm (12-3/5 in.) - Length: 49,7 cm (19-1/2 in.)
Frame: 51,9 x 34,1 cm (20-1/3 x 13-1/3 in.)

Condition report : Well conserved, soiling, framed.

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  • Height in cm : 32 cm
  • Width in cm : 49 cm
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