Part of Mamluk Quran. Egypt or Syria, 14th Century

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Part of Mamluk Quran.

Two folios on paper, text with surah LXXXIII "Al-Mutaffifeen" (The Cheats), surah LXXXIV "Al-'Inshiqaq" (The Rending Asunder), surah LXXXV "Al- Burooj" (Constellations) and the first six verses of surah LXXXVI " At-Tariq" (The Night Visitant).
Holy text executed in fine black-ink muhaqqaq writing while titles are Naskh chrysography. Verses are ornated with gilt rosettes, one enhanced marginal medallion on left page and title pages with surahs inset with gilt letters in golden and blue frame. Red annotations for reader.
Condition: restoration, few stains including one humidity stain on lower borders, framed.

Egypt or Syria, Mamluk, 14th Century

Height: 36.6 cm (14-1/3 in.) - Length: 52,6 cm (20-2/3 in.)
Frame: 38,7 x 55 cm (15-1/4 x 21-1/2 in.)

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  • Height in cm : 36 cm
  • Width in cm : 52 cm
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