Paper scroll from Hindu calendar. India, 20th Century

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Paper scroll from Hindu calendar.

This horoscope is illustrated by polychrome depictions of deities (Ganesha, Krishna), the nine Navagraha planets, the Sun (Surya), the Moon (Chandra), Mars (Mangala), Mercury (Budha), Jupiter (Brihaspati), Venus (Shukra ), Saturn (Shani), the rising Moon (Rahu) and the descending moon (Ketu) and animals (elephant, horse, peacocks, tiger, capridae, raven), diagrams and texts.
Two dates are featured on this horoscope: Samvat 1990 (1933 AD) and Samvat 2024 (1967 AD). The language used is the Rajasthani and writing is the Nagari.
The work of Jyotish, the Indian astrologer, is based on the notion that the human being is connected to the universe. Each symbol, planet, house, lunar constellations, eclipses, and comets is a sign of one’s place in life. The life plan consists of the horoscope information on omens to shoot at the sky, favorable or not, intended for the person in every area of life. The calculations are based on multiples of the primary cycle of the three Gunas (the three main qualities whose interaction produces all forms of "creation" that emanates from the Original Nature). This primordial cycle gave rise to 9 planets, with 12 houses and 27 lunar constellations. And it is from their respective positions at the time of birth, the sequential development of an individual or a business trends in life, can be calculated.
There are several theories in India astrology, the oldest of which is the Brihatsamhitā.

India, Rajasthan, 20th Century

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