Office variés France, 18th Century

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Offices du Saint Nom de Jésus, de la bienheureuse Vierge Marie, des défunts & de la Passion de Notre Seigneur. France (Holy Offices in the Name of Jesus, Praise of Virgin Mary, Death and Passion of our Lord), 18th Century.

One in-folio volume, full red-speckled brown calfskin, large brass hemming on boards, ribbed spine.
Dimensions of sheets: 33,5 x 47,5 cm (13 x 18-3/4 in.); being 67 x 47,5 cm (26-1/4 x 18-3/4 in.) per laid sheet.

Distribution * p. 4: Officium SS. nominis Jesu * p. 30: Officium beatissimæ Virginis Mariæ * p. 53: Officium defunctorum * p. 71: Officium passionis Domini nostri Jesu Christi * p. 86: Officium B. Mariæ in Adventu (p. 93: hymns; p. 98: Psalmi graduale).

Composition: 27 successive bi-folded parchment sheets * 1 bi-folded end papers with initials * 25 bi-folded sheets with text: including 50 sheets and 100 text pages (the last three are blank) *1 bi-folded sheet for final end papers
This distribution via bi-folding and not by notebook involves being able to form two facing pages when book is opened from same side on skin (flesh side or hide side). There is a unity of color when the book is opened and alternating hues (flesh white, beige hide) when turning the manuscript.
Writing: lettering in red or brown ink, all like ornamental lettering and different motifs are manuscript. However, bold black letters are not strictly manuscript: they are done by stencil, letter by letter. Then the brown ink completes the connecting of most of the letters; one traces the ligatures between C and T; one writes certain capital letters (which did not exist along with the letters employed); then punctuation is added.
Ornamentation: numerous ornamental lettering within geometric framework of three colors (brown, red, blue); often striped with brown ink. Large composition on p. 29. Very aerated layout.
Origin: the Offices were realized in France (last page, French rubric “pour un des frères morts” [for dead brothers]). Audacious mix of graphic design techniques rendering it very elegant.

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