Nancy Petyerre. Body Painting, painting

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Nancy PETYERRE (Aborigine artist, Australia, born in 1934)

"Body Painting", 1997

Acrylic on canvas
References indicated on verso : Utopia Art NP9756 Mosquito Bore Outstation Utopia "Body Paint Design"

Height : 122 cm (48 in.) - Width : 77 cm (30-1/4 in.)
Stretcher with wedges

Work in very good condition. Superficial abrasion traces along the angles.

Provenance :
- private collection, Australia
- Utopia Art, Alice Springs, North Territory, Australia

Work accompanied with its certificate of origin issued by Utopia Art

Aborigine artists are inspired by Dreamtime episodes (or Dreamtime, the mythical time of the creation of the world for the Aborigines), the Great Ancestors (spirits, animals or plants) who use actors as heirs - leading them to celebrate. These celebrations take place during sacred ceremonies during which initiated aborigines, along with other pictorial practices, paint their bodies with elements recalling the Ancestor’s personality and story whose memory they instill. Natural pigments mixed with animal fat cover the participant’s torso and they begin to dance. Originating from this community, Nancy represents the body painting motifs on this canvas used for dreams, as well as the clan women during these sacred ceremonies (or Awelye).

Provenance :

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