Medallion pendant jewel, 19th Century


Yellow-gold 14K (585 millièmes) and silver (925 millièmes) medallion pendant jewel. Gold mount forms brooch (broken system and missing part). Removable bail. Ornated with one flower with rose-cut diamond in center, petals are set with rose-cut diamonds.
19th Century
Overall weight: 23,1 gr. (7/8 oz.)
Accidents and losses, main rose-cut is glued on foil, flawed setting, abraded culets.

Silver (925 millièmes) and gilt silver brooch. Depicting a sabre ornated with rose-cut diamonds.
Length of brooch: approx. 5,3 cm (2 in.)
Overall weight: 5,6 gr. (1/5 oz.)

Total overall weight: 28,8 gr. (1 oz.)

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