Lot of two statuettes. India, 19th-20th Century


Lot of two statuettes. India, 19th-20th Centuries

Wood statuette of the god Dravidian god, Shāstāen , a form found in Southern India and associated with gods, Aiyanar and Shiva.

South India - Kerala, 19th Century

Height: 22 cm (8-1/2 in.).

Wood statuette of a "servant of god" (Devadasi).
Devadasis were women dedicated to temple at very early age and were considered
as wives of the divinity. They received a very thorough education by great masters which lasted several years, during which they learned, in particular, to master the dance they practiced in the temple.

South India - Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, Early 20th Century

Height: 25 cm (9-3/4 in.).

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