Lot of three decorations


Lot of three decorations:

- Officer’s star from Legion of Honour, Third Republic period, luxury model with threading. Silver-gilt, gold and enamel (minor chips on tips). Relief foliage wreath and boar’s head hallmark. Rosette ribbon
Height: 6,2 cm (3-1/2 in.).

- Silver, gold and enamel Lys cross (chips and cut). Obverse marked “Vive le Roi” and reverse with profile of Henry IV.
Fasces of lichor hallmark (1809-1819)
Height: 3,5 cm (1-1/3 in.).

- Knight’s Star of Agricultural Merit, miniature. Silver-gilt, gold and enamel and bail ornated with one brilliant. Ribbon.
Height: 17 mm (2/3 in.).

Very good condition. Within case

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