Lot of signet seals, 19th Century


Steel signet seal engraved with inscription “Non basta ma consola”, fossilized wood handle.
Early 19th Century.
Length: 8 cm (3 in.).

Silver signet seal engraved with initial EV, jasper handle.
Restoration Period.
Height: 6 cm (2-1/3 in.).

Small signet seal engraved with blossoms and inscription FORGET ME NOT. Turned ebony handle.
19th Century.
Height: 5,5 cm (2 in.).

We are including an oval red jasper intaglio engraved with canopic jar and two snakes.
19th Century.
Height: 2,3 cm (1 in.).
(Abraded culets).
and thirty-five round and rectangular miniature bronze seals engraved with logos and emblems.
19th Century.

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