Lingam cover of embossed and gilded copper. Nepal, Samvat 659.

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Lingam cover of embossed and gilded copper, base encircled by a snake's head surmounted by four busts of Shiva's avatars holding a vase and a rosary each looking in a cosmic direction. The four avatars are Bhairava for South, Vamadeva for East, Sadyojata for West, Nandivaktra for North. This kosa before covered a lingam, the phallic symbol of Shiva and axis of the universe.

Nepal, dated Samvat 659, or 1539.

Height: 31.5 cm (12-1/4 in.).

The dedicatory inscription was translated by Ian Alsop in March 2004:

"Hum! salutation to Shiva.
Salutation to Visvanatha which gives the power to cross the vastness of existence. Three greetings to him who gives fullness and eternal release in the tradition of the venerable Devasthanam. Hmm by the ritual of compassion Varaha Kalpa, make it happen. This was done to Nâlandesa Pancali, with Shiva known as Gupta Valmikesvara the Blessed.
The eighth day of the waning moon of Caitra in the constellation of Uttaranaha, with Siddhi to perform the ritual sacrifice of gilded lingam with four faces, they offered the moon surface of two ropanis of land called Nikhu .
We obtain (with this gift) happiness for generations to come, and a prosperous life in the sacred world of Shiva. Yajâmana and Jayasinha accompanied by his wife Jitalaksmi offered to this lingam to Shiva. This was done in the year Samvat 659 (1539). So that is good. "

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