Large lot of 274 portraits, calling cards, autograph signatures and dedications. French Third Republic

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Large lot of 274 portraits, calling cards, autograph signatures and dedications collected by Mr. Léon Tournant-Lafosse, Mayor of Gisors, during France's Third Republic.
Compiled within two large bound albums, protected by slip cases.

The first album is dedicated to ecclesiastic, sovereign, political, military figures and members of the French Academy. Including: Pius IX, Mgr Amette archbishop of Paris, U.S. Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Wilson, Peter I of Serbia, SAR Princess Georges of Greece, Prince Roland Bonaparte, Armand Fallières, Émile Loubet, Raymond Poincaré, Paul Doumer, Alexandre Millerand, Gaston Doumergue, Joseph Caillaux, General Joffre, General Gallieni, Amiral Rieunier, Edmond Rostand, Pierre Loti, Maurice Barrès, Paul Bourget, René Bazin, Paul Deschanel, Count Albert de Mun, Count of Haussonville, Marquis of Vogüé, Marquis of Ségur, etc.

Calling card by Mrs. Émile Zola is written in French “No sir, I do not have autographs from my dear husband, I regret not having so for you are so kind. You may find them with dealers who purchased them from recipients”.

The second is dedicated to world writers, painters, sculptors, composers, architects, engineers, aviators, dramatists and singers. Including: Count Tolstoy, Victor Margueritte, Paul Margueritte, Arthur Meyer, Théodore Botrel, Léon Daudet, Edouard Drumont, Paul Déroulède, Alphonse Daudet, Frédéric Mistral, Georges Feydeau, Gyp, Comtesse Mathieu de Noailles, Jean François Raffaëlli, Léon Comerre, Georges Rochegrosse, Sem, Jules Chéret, Édouard Detaille, Félix Ziem, Harpignies, Joseph Bail, Carolus Duran, Denys Puech, Auguste Rodin, Emmanuel Frémiet, Reynaldo Hahn, Gabriel Fauré, Vincent d'Indy, Jules Massenet, Thomas Edison, Gustave Eiffel, Marquis of Dion, Louis Blériot, Constant Coquelin, Réjane, Polaire, etc.

Dimensions of one album: 33 x 25 cm (13 x 9-3/4 in.)

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