[La Guiche de Saint Géran]. Certificate issued by Hauteville

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[La Guiche Saint Geran]

Certificate issued by Hauteville, lieutenant of the gendarmes Monsieur de Saint Gérant for the benefit of the residents of the parish of Saint Aubin, having bequeathed seventy masters and all officers, during one day, going to the siege of Hérisson.
One sheet of paper, written in French in brown ink; signature.

Height: 25 cm (9-3/4 in.) - Width: 18 cm (7 in.).

Claude Maximilien de La Guiche, Count La Palisse, Count of Saint Géran (1603-1659), succeeded his father as governor of Bourbonnais. Having had to put down a revolt due to tax reason. He hung the leader of the rebels in the courtyard of Moulins Chateau(1650). The siege of Hérisson took place during the "fronde du prince de Condé" while it was in insurgent Bordeaux.

Saint Aubin, commune of Charollais (auj. Saone and Loire), on right bank of Loire

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