Krishna Velugopala. India, 15th-16th Century


This abounding black marble free-standing and high-relief panel represents Krishna as the eighth incarnation and only full Vishnu (puranavatāra) avatar, in the form of Venugopala, playing the flute and charming the herds girls (Gopi) of Vrindavan village, on the banks River Yamuna.

Krishna has eight arms. The two main hands hold the eight holed flute (venu). Right hands are mace club (gada) and the rosary (mala) while those left are the disk (sudarshana chakra) and conch shell (shankha).

This high relief tells also of many other exploits of Krishna such as lifting, during seven days, Mount Govardhan, to house his fellow herdsmen and their flocks torrential rains unleashed by the god Indra.
Krishna is dressed like a prince, surrounded by his retinue including musicians, dancers, cows and other forest animals.

North India, Rajasthan, 15th-16th Century

Height: 68 cm (26-3/4 in.) - Width: 48 cm (18-3/4 in.) - Depth: 16 cm (6-1/4 in.).

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