Jean-Jacques Ampère. Two signed autograph letters to Edmond Blanc

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Jean-Jacques AMPERE (1800-1864), historian, writer, father of famous physician

Two French signed autograph letters to Edmond Blanc. May 183-. 3 pp in-4 quarto with address and postal marks on back; and 2 pp in-8 octavo.

He transmits an invitation from Madame Récamier , to attend a preview of the artists at the Opera; Mr. Defresne with whom I am intimately connected must meet several musicians from the opera at Madame Récamier’s which he is designated to organize this selected meeting, the opera’s main scenes for which he composed the music and will be held at the Royal Academy. Madame Récamier has authorized me to send you an invitation from her (...) . This will me nice to see you after my long wanderings and illnesses (...) .
Attached a letter relating to his " poor cousin" bearing a reference to the Queen; I was sent by mistake the letter in which I recommended my poor cousin as secretary of orders to the Queen. This surprise had the advantage of allowing me to give her favorable information. It seemed to me that M. Baston was not willing to do alot (...) . He asked to support his candidacy which pulls the crowd of your petitioners thus queen is overwhelmed. My task this morning was to understand, very dutifully and rely on his friendship to assert the interests attached to my father’s name and he was contacting me to blame for the miserable parent ( ... ).

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