Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux. La pêcheuse de Vignots, bronze


Jean-Baptiste CARPEAUX (1827-1875)

"La pêcheuse de Vignots" (Mollusks Fisherman)

Bronze sculpture with shaded light brown patina, signed on embankment " JB CARPEAUX " and eagle seal "propriété Carpeaux". Inscription "Puys" en embankment.

Height: 72 cm (28-1/4 in.) - Width of plinth: 24 cm (9-1/4 in.)

19th Century

While spending his summer in Dieppe commune, Puys, France at Alexandre Dumas’s son (1824-1895) where Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux (1827-1875) realized La Pêcheuse de vignots. "Dans sa petite maisonnette du bord de la mer" (In small cottage by seashore) he executed this bronze with richly shaded brown patina which captured the expression by the artist’s daughter, Louise Clément-Carpeaux, "l'inquiétude mélancolique dont la mer pénètre les pêcheurs" (Uncertain melancholy that the sea penetrates in fisherman). In a letter dated October 22, 1878 Alexandre Dumas’s son explains to E. Fromentin how Carpeaux was inspired to realize La Pêcheuse de vignots, a term used in the Dieppe area for winkles. Arriving in the city "unhealthy, lying in my open carriage he met the Fisherwoman he used for his last statuette that was carried out in his seaside studio where he worked among intolerable suffering". This translation of a letter confirms the friendship that existed between Carpeaux and Dumas’s son, and how the latter could witness Carpeaux’s work at the end of his life.

- Plaster proof in the collections of Valenciennes Museum of Fine Arts.
- Clement Carpeaux, Louise, La vérité sur l'oeuvre et la vie de J.-B. Carpeaux (The Truth in the Works and Life of J.-B. Carpeaux) , Paris , 1934 , p. 57.

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