High-relief panel representing Vishnu. India, 12th Century


Blueish-grey shale Vishnu Vasudeva

High-relief panel of Vishnu Vasudeva, identifiable with the placement of attributes brandished in the four arms. He carries a gada (mace club) in his upper right hand. In his lower right hand, he is attempting the offering gesture (varada mudrā). He carries the disk (sudarshana chakra) in his upper left hand and conch shell (shankha) in his lower left hand. He is depicted standing atop a lotus shaped base, rigidly frontal, richly adorned with necklaces, earrings and silver work belts, wearing a conical tiara and a long wild flowers garland (Vanamala). He is surrounded by his two wives and goddess of fortune on his right.

To his left is Lakshmi, the goddess of music Saraswati playing a veena, and they are surrounded by two characters. The sides of the relief depict sea overseers (makara) and griffins or rearing horned lions (vyālaka) atop elephants. On both sides of the base with five protrusions are a couple of orans kneeling with clasped hands in the salutation gesture (anjali mudrā).

Northeast India, Bengal, Pala Sena Dynasty, 12th Century

Height: 61 cm (24 in.) - Width: 34 cm (13-1/4 in.) - Depth: 10 cm (4 in.).

Part of top section is broken and minor losses.

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