Glass picture depicting the sacred cow Kamadhenu. Southern India, Early 20th Century

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Kamadhenu (Cosmic mother)

This exceptional painting depicts the sacred cow Kamadhenu “the cow of plenty”. Each part of its body has a religious signification representing the divinities, sages and elements: the creator god Brahma (two horns and head), the fire god Agni (front), the god Yama (neck), the god Chandra (brain), the god Vayu (organs), the god Varuna (shoulders), god Surya (knee bones) and the back the Brahmin and Kshatriya castes.
The tree Kalpataru grants also wishes and Kamadhenu emerges first as “churning the milky cosmic ocean” by the deva (gods) and asura (demons) seeking the amrita (immortality liquor) elixir.
Kamadhenu is sometimes represented with a bovine body, woman’s head, peacock wings and tail.

Southern India, Early 20th Century

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