Germany. Meissen. Two porcelain figures


Germany. Meissen. Two porcelain figures

- One figure representing a standing shepherd playing a bagpipe, a resting dog at his feet and a standing lamb grazing on grass.

- One figure of standing shepherdess holding her apron filled with flowers in her right hand, one flower in the left hand, resting lamb at her feet.
Natural polychrome and gilt decoration. Gilt combwork on the Rococo base.

Young man figure is marked, the young lady figure is marked with needle.

18th Century.

Height: 15 cm (6 in.) and 14 cm (5-1/2 in.).

Condition of young man:
Chips behind the base, repairs on the lamb’s tail and ears, repaired dog's ear, re-glued flaking on the green vest and repaired chip, repaired hands and re-glued tip on bagpipe, upper nuzzle of bagpipe repaired, re-worked chip on hat.

Condition of young girl:
Chip on the front of base, repair on sheep’s ear, chip on shirt’s ruffle, missing hand, re-glued head, re-worked flaking on hat.

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