Roch de Coligny

Roch de Coligny

Expert firm 'Honoré d'Urfé'
Rare books and manuscripts

Roch de Coligny has been an actor of the art market for more than fifteen years. He created the expert firm « Honoré d'Urfé ».

His formation was very eclectic but mainly focused on literary matters: Philosophy, Theology, Law, Literature, History...

Along with rare books, he specializes in medieval charters, antique manuscripts, books of hours and illuminations.

He made the appraisal and the classification of many private archives collections, including the prestigious collection of the Archives of the Count of Chamborg (His Majesty the King Henry V, 1820-1883), archives that were thought to be lost and that Roch de Coligny has rediscovered, gathered and classified. He is now in charge of its conservation and promotion.

He is the curator of four major private libraries and of nine medieval collections of private archives.

He also works as an expert for several auction houses.

In the field of rare books and photographs, Roch de Coligny discovered several prestigious collections, sold at auction afterwards:
- in 2004-2005: the library of the Viscount of Bourbon-Busset: more than 2500 books with bindings by Bradel-Derome. This bookbinder was famous but his bindings were unknown. This rediscovery led to the publication of a book on Bradel-Derome.
- in 2007: the collection of photographs of the Duchess of Berry: around 100 photos dating from 1847-1855.
- in 2009: the library of the Marquesses of Forbin, of the Counts d'Oilliamson, of Roger Debut de Roseville, etc.
- in 2010: the expertise of the extraordinary collection of gilded irons of the Atelier Simier (bookbinder).

The archives of France have acquired many manuscripts discovered and authenticated by the Expert firm 'Honoré d'Urfé'.