Edmond Blanc. French political correspondence

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Papers from Edmond BLANC (1799-1850), French attorney, politician

Esquire in requests the French State Council at the beginning of the July Monarchy, Edmond Adolphe-White was elected deputy for Haute-Vienne in July 1832, re-elected in 1837, then in 1842 and 1846, among the conservative majority. He was Secretary-General of the Ministry of the Interior under Thiers in 1834, obtained leadership of the Public Works Department in 1846, the Presidency of the Council of Civil Buildings and the Council of Haras. "Departments of Mole and Guizot were among his most devoted and active followers." His parliamentary role ended in 1848.

Royer Collard, two letters, June-August 1829, asking to be received by the Minister Montalivet , ( ...) I’ll follow perfectly his orders, at his time frame, before or after the House of Peers . Despite the impertinence of his promise, I must see him (...) .
Lally Tollendal, letter, June 28, 1830, referring to the Revolution events, his candidacy to Valencia, ( ... ) What a relief for Madame de Polignac and de Peyronnet if they could rid their bad mood on some poor employee who had committed the heinous crime to disclose the desired need to keep a secret for 24 hours, what we did not want to communicate my dear beloved and fidel Gazette de France (...) . Now ask MM of the Company " Help yourself then heaven helps " if they have some blame for me ? (...) .
Armand Bertin (Director of Debates), asking to obtain from him an accurate account of the protests that day, races at the Duke of Orleans , etc. . (...) .
Félix Barthe, scribe at Garde des Sceaux ( May 1832 ), announcing that the king appointed him master of requests for extraordinary service.
Count de Bondy, letter from the Prefect of the Seine (marked out, March 1833 ), attributing the " Medal of the City of Paris during Cholera "
Minister's letter ( July 1833 ) warning that instructed the Prefect of Police to request handlers and agents of the police force for the transmission of the statue of Napoleon; attached a note which states that Edmond Blanc was appointed to accompany that night Napoleon's statue exiting Paris via the Barriere du Roule and enter via the Arc de Triomphe (...) .
Diploma member of the Historical Institute founded in December 1833 ( signed by Academician Michaud and perpetual secretary, and Eug of Montglave ) in October 1834
Exemplification letter for his appointment to the Ministry of Commerce and Public Works as General Secretary and Director of Personnel ( April 1834 ) .
Cuvillier -Fleury, two letters by Professor Duke of Aumale ( August 1836 , with stamp detailing his duties) , including approving the statutes of its meeting items except an article on "pipe smoking " which may be criticized by members of the Jockey; I understand smoking in the street or in a salon. Must go to Holland to find the pipe and good company for scenic walks. We are more than a hundred leagues from this country and this rudeness. Why start with us ( ... ) .
Montalivet two letters ( April-June 1839 ) announcing his appointment as archivist of the Crown and then assigning the title of Inspector General of the civil list ; included the minutes of his resignation addressed to the Count of Montalivet and King in December 1844 ; response from Montalivet in February 1845
Two letters for amplification of his appointment as Top member of the council with general facilities for Bienfaisance by replacing Baron de Gerando ( December 1842 ) Council.
Letter from the Guard des Sceaux, Martin (August 1845) , announcing that the king is retained as state councilor.
Letter from the Minister of the Interior ( December 1846 ) on preventing the creation of a commission on the administration of the French theater which will consist of Baron of Barante, Victor Hugo, Vivien, Vitet, Lamartine, Buloz , etc.
Included four recommendation letters from Casimir Delavigne and Jules Janin.

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