Diana Machulina, Gas, painting

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Diana MACHULINA (1981) Ukrainian


Oil on canvas, 2010

Siberian Landscape, peaceful gathering of wild animals around a pipeline fire.

Diana Machulina lives and works in Moscow. She is an icon of the young Russian artist generation and was awarded the Kandinsky prize for best young artist in 2008. She participates in prestigious contemporary art exhibitions in Russia.

In her works, paintings, sculptures and installations, Diana Machulina depicts the everyday environment in a realist manner in order to reveal an unexpected, often disturbing, reality.

Her paintings being of the realist style indicate a perfect mastery and skill. Her subjects are always initially harmless, often filled with joy, but have underlying dark humor moments.

Diana Machulina presents the surrounding world, life’s absurdities or man’s vulnerability against external forces of nature; all this rendered with a straight realism and a dose of irony.

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