Collection of Freemasonry-related items and souvenirs


Collection of Freemasonry-related items and souvenirs:

- Red watered silk sautoir of Rose-Cross. Embroidered decor of cross, foliage and cannetille rose, tinsel and gilded and silvered threading. Black watered silk lining with decor of cross.

- Red watered silk sautoir of Rose-Cross.

- Masonic apron.

- Large blue watered silk button sash with gilt embroidery.

- Prize medal for hanging by “la loge de la Réforme à l’Orient de Saint Maur, Association polytechnique, le 14 Oct 1894, à Johanna Mochon” (Lodge for Reform at Orient of Saint Maur, Polytechnic Association, Oct. 14, 1894 for Johannna Mochon).
Silver. Diam: 5 cm (2 in.).

- Sandstone beer tankard with polychrome enamel, ornated with a masonic square and compass.
Germany. 19th Century.

- Blue watered silk sautoir of Grand Lodge with red border.

- Ivory watered silk sautoir for master embroidered with stars, compass and masonic square with “M” in cannetille and gilded tinsel.

- Green and ivory stain master’s apron, the three red goffered cockades. 20th Century.

Good condition and fairly good condition. 19th Century.

We are including twelve trinkets, Masonic insignias and coins.

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