Clarisse Debout. Noddy and Friends : Che Guevara, photograph

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Clarisse DEBOUT (1968)

Noddy and Friends : Ernesto "Che" Guevara - 2014

Digital print on paper.
Signed and numbered 1/7 on verso.

Artist’s biography:
With a childhood surrounded by the greatest artists, Clarisse Debout remembers fabulous images that still stir her imagination. "I observed them, while admiring without being impressed." she recalls with a smile.

After high school, not motivated by the idea of undertaking long courses, she preferred to travel the world and lived several months in Brazil. The following year, she flew to Italy where she studied Roman and Byzantine mosaics and returned to Paris two years later having graduated from the "Mosaic Art School di Luciana Notturni" in Ravenna.

But she did not stay still, curious about everything despite her reserved attitude. The world opens its arms ... Lebanon, Caribbean, Kenya, United States (especially New York), Guyana, Canada, Morocco, Comoros ... only destinations which filled her head with pictures when she returned.

At her son’s birth, she moved back to Paris and accepted a position as production manager and artistic director for spectacles field. However, as evident, photography remained vital for her.

She also worked for MUM Magazine and Balthazar before participating in a first group exhibition on January 2013 at Galerie Hors Champs, Paris.

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