Cast iron Bodhisattva Amitayus. China, Ming period, 17th century

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Cast iron Bodhisattva Amitayus. Richly adorned, Bodhisattva Amitayus is seated on a pedestal resting on a lotus-shaped base. Legs are crossed in teh lotus position (padmasana), the soles of the feet are turned upwards. The hands are joined in meditation (dhyānamudrā), palms are open directed upwards, thumbs are joined and hold a vase with a liqueur of immortality (kalasha). Head is crowned by a high hair style which is ornated by a diadem with five sections. His monastic attire covers the legs and falls like a drape at the front of the plinth. The folds of a long stole hold the arms and cross at the back of Bodhistatva.

China, Ming Period, 17th century

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  • Items quantity:  1
  • Period :  17th Century
  • Height in cm : 21 cm
  • Width in cm : 13 cm
  • Depth in cm : 10 cm
  • Expertissim Reference: 2015071099