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Illuminated Morocco leather Altar Canon, 17th Century

Altar Canon designed with three gilded Morocco leather volets with small irons along the foliage friezes, Carmelite order coat of arms in the center stamped with a duke's crown and surmounted with the order's logo "zelo zelatus sum pro domino deo exercituum". The interior reveals a printed text ornated on parchement painted with four scenes from the New Testament: Annunciation, Last Supper, Crucifixion and Nativity. The ensemble bordered with flower garlands. Louis XIV Era. Accidents, losses and exposed parchment. Dimensions opened: 45 x 69 cm (17-3/4 x 27 in.). Dimensions closed: 45 x 28 cm (17-3/4 x 11 in.). The coat of arms for the Carmelite order are: silver-colored mountain in the center, rounded mountain with tip reaching sky, three stars each with eight rays, one pointed to sky, one to another. Crest of helmet: duke's crown in which a right arm outreaches with a burning glaive. Logo: Zelo zelatus sum pro Domino Deo exercituum (III Reg., XIX, 10) (I am on fire with zeal for the Lord God of hosts).
Dimensions: 45 x 69 cm (17-3/4 x 27 in.).

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