Bull from Pope Pius VI, 1786


Bull from Pius VI, bishop, servant of the servants of God, to Antonio Rossi, Bishop of Veroli (Latium) concerning his election. 15 kalendes January 1786 (December 18, 1786)

Parchment sheet written in Latin with 31 lines with brown ink; with lead bulla suspending from hemp rope; ornamental letters on first line; foliaged frame in pen, numerous signatures.

Antonio de Rossi, native of Ferrara, was elected to succeed Jean Baptiste Giacobine (death on March 24, 1786) to the head of small diocese Latium, where he resided until his death in 1811.

Height: 64 cm (25 in.) - Width: 50 cm (19-1/2 in.).

Rare pontifical bull, large dimensions. The bulla was stamped fairly humid.

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