Buis les Baronies. Parchment manuscript, 15th century

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[Buis les Baronies. Parchment manuscript, 15th century]

In Christ's name, Amen. Noble Anthoine de Sales (Salis) of Médouillon, resident of Buis (Buxi), whereas services rendered by him to the noble Guigon de l’Espine (Spina) co-sire the Poet Sigillat sur Sainte Jalle (Pogeto Segelacii of upper sanctam Gallam), he deserved a worthy retribution, provides audit Guigon a local pre situated at said place Buis instead of Ad malum grachinum; Anthoine had acquired close to his master Jehan Mothe, notary in Buis for 25 gold florins.
Deemed in Buis, in the public square before the house of Henri de Garanson, haberdasher at market. The year of the Incarnation October 28, 1407

Parchment sheet, in Latin written in brown ink over 56 ruled lines; bearing manual seal of imperial and princely notary, and leaden bulla from Court of Buis and Baronies

Height: 40 cm (15-3/4 in.) - Width: 50 cm (19-1/2 in.).

Guigon de l’Espine was son of Guigues de Morgas, sire of de l’Espine and Poët Sigillat, who delivered tribute to Dauphin prince in 1332 for property of l’Espine. His descendants preserved the manorialism of Poët Sigillat until the Revolution; and lasted until the 20th century with the house of Ripert d’Alauzier.

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