Bronze Hanuman and Garuda. Nepal, 19th Century


Bronze Hanuman and Garuda back-to-back.

Small statuette representing Hanuman and Garuda, rigorously back-to-back, with joined hands in the salutation seal gesture (Añjali Mudrā). Hanuman is the son of the Hindu god Vayu. He is the monkey god, chief commander of the monkey army, allied with the king Rama, Ramayanan hero in battling the king Ravana of Sri Lanka who kidnapped Sita. He is gifted with prodigious strength. Garuda, with bird of prey head, is cosmic mount for the god Vishnu and is known for his appetite for snakes. His main myth was defeating the demons for the immortality elixir then giving it to the gods. He evokes the solar aspect of Vishnu.

Nepal, Kathmandu Valley, Shah Gurkha Period, 19th Century

Height: 11 cm (4-1/3 in.).

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