Bronze Dīpankara Buddha


Chiseled bronze and silver Dīpankara Buddha, turquoise and coral inlaid work, standing atop a base with double row of lotus petals.

Dīpankara (lamp bearer or one who brings light), is one of the Buddhas of the past. It was he who foretold the future Gautama his Buddha's destiny. The Dīpankara Buddha is very popular in Nepal. He is one of twenty-four or twenty-eight Buddhas of the past. He is the patron of merchants and is beheld at the center of important cultural Newars festivals in the Kathmandu Valley. At these festivals, alms are offered to monasteries. Dīpankara represented sketching the reassurance gesture (abhaya mudrā) and offering gesture (varada mudrā) associated with the charity.

Nepal, Kathmandu Valley, Shah Gurkha Period, 18th Century

Height: 33,3 cm (13 in.) - Width: 11 cm (4-1/4 in.) - Depth: 7 cm (2-3/4 in.).

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