[Blaise Pascal]. Pensées de M. Pascal sur la Religion

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[BLAISE PASCAL]. Pensées de M. Pascal sur la Religion et sur quelques autres sujets, Qui ont esté trouvées après sa mort parmy ses papiers (M. Pascal’s thoughts on religion and few other subjects, that were found after his death among his paperwork). Paris, Guillaume Desprez, 1670.

One in-12 duodecimo volume, full red Moroccan leather, double framing on boards of three gilt threadings and angle fleurons, blank-ribbed spine richly decorated with small gilt toolwork, gilt frieze covering inner edge, all edges gilt. Binding of the era. 40 ff (title page, preface, approbations, table of contents, foreword), 334 pp. [for 358] , 10 ƒƒ (Table of material). Veritable second edition for Pensées de Blaise Pascal, with corrected errors, published the same year as the original publication. Rare to find bound with red Moroccan leather in this condition. Missing headband.

Very probably re-encased.

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