[ARCHIVES]. Collection of thirty manuscript, printed and photographic documents, 19th-20th Century

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[ARCHIVES]. Collection of thirty manuscript, printed, photographic, and other documents, 19th or early 20th Century, a large portion correlate to the Imperial family.

* One A.D.S. by M. de LA ROCHEFOUCAULD to VICTOR HUGO to notify him of his dignified nomination as Knight to the Legion of Honor (Paris, 1825).

* Two small silver medallions, by Caqué, one with Emperor Napoleon III’s effigy and Empress Eugenie’s effigy and other with Imperial Prince.

* One small portrait of Emperor and Imperial Prince and a mosaic composition gathering photographic portraits of more than 300 members or loyal friends of the Imperial family.

* One A.D.S. of English Countess to Empress EUGENIE during her stay at Hastings (1870).

* Two A.B.S. of Princess MATHILDE.

* One brochure (« L'Ajacienne ») illustrated with portrait of Prince Napoleon , tricolor propaganda poster (1886) and one post card illustrated with photograph portrait of same subject.

* One A.D.S. of M. CRONKS (1870).

* One A.D.S. of M. WIGLEY to Ferdinand de LESSEPS (1870).

* One example of the official Journal from January 12, 1870.

* One small brochure illustrating General BOULANGER (1886) and a small photographic portrait of same subject.

* Five A.D.S. by General JAMONT, Chief Commander of Tonkin (Nantes, 1885 [1], Hanoi, 1886 [2] & Chalons, 1890 and 1893).

* One A.D.S. of the second DUKE OF MONTEBELLO (n.d.).

* One engraved portrait of MÉRIMÉE.

* One A.D.S. of Charles GARNIER, architect of Paris Opera House (n.d.).

One A.B.S. signed MEYERBEER (n.d.).

* Two A.D.S. of Léon DAUDET (1905 & 1907).

* Five small photographs.


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