Alfred-Auguste Cuvillier-Fleury. Two signed autographed French letters, 1832

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Alfred-Auguste CUVILLIER-FLEURY (1802-1887), Preceptor for Duke of Aumale, academic writer

Two signed autograph French letters, autograph note (to Edmond Blanc). N.l. July 24, 1832. 2 pp. in-8 octavo and 1 pp. in-8 octavo oblong; and Tuileries Palace, October 18, 11836. 3 pp bi-folded, corner letterhead « Education de S.A.R. Mgr le duc d’Aumale ». Included 3 documents.

Fine correspondence notably evoking the exhibition of Princess Louise d’Orléans’s layette, shortly before her marriage with Leopold I of Belgium and concerns for Tuileries layout by architect Fontaine.

1831: The exhibition for Princess Louise’s layette was not opened to the public, and only people from the House are allowed to see it. That's what I was told by the Queen (...). However, when Cuvillier announced to Her Majesty that it was Edmond Blanc, the Queen gave orders for him to enter the Royal Palace. He was told of presentations dates, adding; The Tuileries are not open to the public this year, King will spend part of his days in the Council (...); some apartments were undertaken by masons employed by Mr. Fontaine. Also a brilliant winter is predicted: a vast and brilliant gallery instead of the current staircase, double doors everywhere, easy circulation, an immensity of space like nowhere, and if it pleases God, a beautiful and happy holidays (...). He hopes to see you soon and congratulations on the elections which produced a great effect.
1836: He responds to an invitation to walk together toward Auberay; ending several cases, he requires a "small place in his carriage" during his visit to the valley of wolves. He is very happy with his "tenure"; I think he is a good example for the general secretaries are better than ministers. Where would we be if the administration would resign when the minister quits and if the good traditions infested the fields instead of staying at home? As the political system does not change, there is honor to remain to defend. Almost always, they are miserable, in love with themselves, who retire believing they were honorable; people really attached to their services and their country will think twice before deserting their duties (...). Is that what you call your tribulations? You can tell me this story. I am very fond of all these secret chronicles (...). He can not do much to his protégé, but recommend to M. de La Martinière. Attached an autographed note from Cuvillier-Fleury transcribing the King's answer on "public education" of their children.

Letter from secretary of King’s cabinet
Letter from Count Charles-Marie Tanneguy Duchatel (1803-1867). 2 pp. in-8 octavo
Letter from Jacques-Paul Migue, priest, sending an example of his introduction, probably extracted from his theological encyclopedia.

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