After Georges Goursat alias Sem. Bolo-Pacha trial lithograph


After Georges GOURSAT alias SEM (1863-1934)

Twenty-four lithographs adapting sixty-eight sketches realized for illustrating the Bolo-Pacha trial in 1918, signed and S seal on plate. Each is numbered 1-24 upper right.

Height: 30 cm (11-3/4 in.) - Width: 23,5 cm (9-1/4 in.)
Frame: 42 x 35 cm (16-1/2 x 13-3/4 in.)
No. 21 Height: 23 cm (9 in.) - Width: 30 cm (11-3/4 in.)
Frame: 35 x 42 cm (13-3/4x 16-1/2 in.)

Foxing on all, crease trace on plate no. 17 and no. 2 (full height-wise)

The audience sketches were initially published in album format.

Georges Gorsat, from Périgueux, France, began his career as a cartoonist columnist in local newspapers in his hometown then Bordeaux and Marseille. He arrived in Paris in 1900 and began signing under the name of Sem in homage to Amédée de Noé alias Cham. He mingled with Parisian bourgeois which he depicted with humor and irony in his illustrations. Sem was published in journals and books. As a war correspondent in 1918 he made a portfolio with portraits of judges, witnesses and lawyers following the Bolo-Pacha trial.

Paul Bolo (1867-1918) son of a notary Bouches du Rhône, France, he quickly abandoned his law clerk career. Involved in various cases he would disappear and reappear regularly over time. In 1914, Paul Bolo became financial advisor to Abbas Hilmi II, Khedive Egypt and received the title of "Pacha" (Pasha). The Khedive partisan supported Germany during the war and he took refuge with his advisor in Switzerland. From there he attempted to control some French newspapers including Le Journal and Le Bonnet Rouge where Sem sometimes submitted illustrations. An investigation was launched in 1917 on the grounds of a transaction between U.S. and German banks. Paul Bolo-Pacha was accused of having directed the editorial lines of newspapers emphasizing pacifism and anti-militarism. Suspicion began about his patriotism. He was arrested and tried before a war council that condemned him to death. Raymond Poincaré refused to pardon.

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