After Dali. Six porcelain plates


After DALI

Set of six rectangular porcelain plates with rounded corners, with different decalcomania patterns:

- « Les panaches panachés » representing a fish atop tureen with woman’s body and surrounded by crayfish.
- « Les je mange Gala » representing two melting watches in center surrounded by two cakes, one shaped like a woman’s body.
- « L’atavisme désoxyribonucléique » representing a swan with woman’s head and toothbrush tail presenting shells, lobsters and corals
- « Les cannibalismes de l’automne » representing a monstrous cake with crayfish surrounded by figure, castles and hot peppers
- « Les chairs monarchiques » representing a spread-winged pheasant atop platter enhanced with cakes, crowns, and vases
- « Les délices petits martyrs » representing six elephants crushed by the weight of platters placed upon their backs and presenting radishes, olives, sausages and shrimp.

Marked underneath « A. Giraud & Cie Limoges France/ Une création : A. Porthault-Digard / Les diners de Gala [title] / Par Dali/Edition limitée/N°F 59 1200/ 1981 ».

Height : 29 cm (11-1/4 in.) - Length : 31,5 cm (12-1/4 in.)

Within their boxes of origin

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  • Item(s) quantity:  6
  • Expertissim Reference: 2013110678